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Installation Skills of Luggage Hardware


For all kinds of famous brand bags, hardware is one of the most important parts of bags. Here are some installation techniques about the hardware of bags.

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1. Installation of hardware angle of luggage should be in place correctly. Bags have many hardware accessories, many of which are right-angle or triangular hardware. Installation is not in place, the product is not only ugly after installation, but also likely to be compressed and easily deformed, and more likely to hook things outside. This can easily cause damage to the bag.

2. The lines of luggage hardware should be symmetrical and symmetrical. Because whether the hardware fittings fit well with the large products after installation. It's about the senses.

3. The shape of luggage hardware should be complete. This is not only the integrity of the front, including many hardware dead corners, dark corners inside also smooth, intact. The most important thing of a brand name is the details. When the details of your bag are perfect, your bag is a shining star.

4. The control of the hardware installation strength of luggage; can't make unreasonable efforts, use brute force; in order to avoid deformation; to use a "skillful" word. Luggage hardware is a very beautiful supporting role, so we should treat our luggage hardware more gently.