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Skills in Maintenance of Dermis


1. Many people sweat in their hands, so they can carry their bags as little as possible, because sweat will leave stains on the handle.

2. Don't put some sharp things, and don't pack some things that can easily break bags.

3. Don't put too much stuff in order to avoid deformation or damage.

4. Try not to stick labels and other sticky things on them, which can easily cause skin peeling when pulled off.

5. In rainy weather, do not use such bags as turning over fur or suede, because these bags will be difficult to handle if they are stained with water, and their cortex will harden.

6. If you intend to take it in, first clean and care, and put some fillers in the bag, as you did at the beginning of the factory, and then put the bag in a ventilated cabinet.

7. Cleaner should be used carefully. After using it for a long time, there will inevitably be dust, but if you clean it too often, it will lead to damage to the leather. Generally 1-2 months of care once, for substances, we must use a special leather cleaner.

8. You can't use shoe polish to care for leather bags. Shoe polish has volatile components, which are not suitable for soft leather products like leather bags. If the volatile components of shoe oil enter into the leather, it will cause the grease of the leather itself to be destroyed, resulting in a significant decline in gloss, and even the occurrence of decolorization.

9. Don't use camphor pills. Some people will put camphor pills in the cabinet when they don't use leather. They think that there will be no mildew. This is also one of the biggest misunderstandings in leather care. Camphor balls contain volatile components, which can cause damage to leather over time. To accept leather goods, we only need to pay attention to good ventilation and not too high temperature. When collecting leather goods, cotton dust-proof cloth should be used to protect them. Some moisture-absorbing waste paper can be put in the bag.