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What conditions should qualified leather hardware meet?


Good-looking and durable are the basic requirements of leather hardware? For leather hardware accessories, many friends will say that it is good to use. Indeed, can be used is the basic requirement of hardware accessories, then what conditions are required to be qualified leather hardware?


Excellent material

Whether the leather hardware fittings are qualified or not, and whether they are of high quality, we have to start with their materials. Now many poor manufacturers recycle the inferior materials to produce leather hardware, which has caused a certain hidden danger to the later production. At the same time, it also causes the short life of the leather hardware fittings.

Smooth and smooth surface

Qualified leather hardware must be of high quality. High-quality leather hardware fittings have a smooth and bright surface, which is matched with leather. It is a unique style and forms a beautiful scenery.

Integrating function and decoration

Now leather hardware fittings are both functional, decorative and strong hardware, only ordinary hardware is single.

Switches should be flexible

Whether the switch is flexible or not determines the availability of leather hardware to a certain extent. If the leather hardware is used smoothly, people will like it and accept it. If it is not flexible, people will have a dislike for it, and thus further dislike the leather. Therefore, a comfortable leather hardware is very important.