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Five Kinds of Leather Hardware in Common Use


When it comes to hardware, it originally refers to five metals such as gold, silver, copper, iron and tin, which are manually processed into various metal articles. For leather rings, hardware refers specifically to some metal parts that need to be used in leather making. For example, four-button, monk's head, square ring pin and so on.

There are many kinds of hardware, which play an indispensable role in leather production. A set of hardware with fine workmanship and exquisite shape can add a lot of color to the works, and even become the author's style characteristics. But novices tend to neglect the importance of hardware and make arbitrary choices and perfunctory choices. The main reason may be that there are too many kinds of hardware and various installation methods. It takes courage to face the huge system. See a pile of will not pick, pick will not install, will install is not very good, how uncomfortable ah?

Then as a popular science paste, this article will sort out the hardware and introduce its installation and applicable parts systematically. It is suggested that the collection be carefully sorted out.

Leather hardware, covering a very large area, up to the password lock of the suitcase, down to decorative rivets, Japanese Indian coins, European fine coins, whether in terms of style or in terms of use, the classification methods are numerous.

But in order to be more friendly to novices, we decided to start from the function, and with the installation instructions to explain. From the functional point of view, it can be roughly divided into lock type, nail type, button type, ring type, mouth gold type, buckle type and so on.

1. Lock class

Locks have a very stable opening and closing structure, requiring special opening and closing techniques to open, which can well prevent the loss of items caused by inadvertent touch. Common password locks, fold locks, compression locks, spin locks, press locks, key locks, etc.

Password lock

There will be a digital or symbolic cam runner on the surface. When rotated to the correct combination, the matching parts will be sent away, thus opening and closing the structure. Because of the large area and volume, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the thickness of the leather is enough to install the inner core of the lock. Usually used in large leather goods, such as portable briefcase, pull-rod box and so on.

Folding lock

The closure can be completed by deforming through a circular hole of another fittings through a bendable cylindrical structure. Because of its small size, it is usually used on the surface of small and medium-sized leather goods. It is suitable for handbags and small single shoulder bags.

Plug lock

When the upper and lower pieces of hardware are combined, in order to enhance its stability, another pillar type hardware is usually inserted into it. Rich in shape and design, usually suitable for single bag

Press lock

Lol hero, Hurricane Jianhaoyasu, uses the deformed structure of the upper part to insert the lower part into the arch bridge and then to fix it. When opening, the upper part needs to be pressed to get rid of it. It has a wide range of applications. It usually appears symmetrically in postman's bags, shoulder backs and other places. It can also be used in a single group with handbags, envelopes, etc.

Rotary lock

The feminized type of rotary lock can stabilize the installation of the upper part through the rotational deformation structure of the lower part, similar to the folding and interlocking. Applicable scope in hand-held bag, small single shoulder, etc.

Press lock

The spring structure inside the lower piece is used to stabilize the upper piece. When opening, one of the protrusions needs to be pressed, and the direction is random, so that the upper piece can be opened. Medium size, commonly used in large and medium-sized leather, such as briefcase, shoulder back, etc.

Key Lock

Using the lock structure inside the lower piece to pull the upper piece to pop up, it is suitable for feminized or retro leather, such as ladies'handbags.

2. Nails

Nail hardware in leather applications have many twigs, subdivided into many styles, such as double-sided rivets, permanent impact nails, gas eye, screw, monk's head, foot nails, etc., the majority of which are mainly due to the deformation or friction caused by knocking force, non-professional tools can not be detached, slightly scratched skin, heavy leather, etc. Damage is hard to repair. Therefore, in the selection and use of the appropriate corresponding must be selected.

Others are fixed on leather by screw tightening, which is convenient to replace. But if you want to use the screw firmly, you can apply some glue inside it and tighten it before it is not firm, which can greatly reduce the risk of screw loosening.


As the most common nail type, its function is to consolidate the firmness of leather structure parts, usually used at both ends of a long line, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of thread opening. In special cases, it can also replace sewing as a structural point to fix and complete the combination structure of leather. It can be used not only as fixed-point consolidation, but also as leather decoration.

Permanent collision of nails

Similar to the double-sided rivet, the holes in the gasket are knocked down on the foot of the base, and the holes in the gasket are slightly smaller than the slight differences of the foot. The gasket is knocked down with the tool to make the gasket fully contact with the foot and stuck to fix the leather. Usually, such a rivet can not be disassembled and has strong firmness, so it is also called permanent rivet.

It is often used in Retro Leather and can be found in some retro jeans.


Similar to rivets, it can be used as a fixed structure of multi-layer leather, but the installation of screw is simpler, without professional tools, a word or cross cutter can be used.

Foot nails (old)

The same is to change the shape of one end on the basis of plane screw, usually to thicken and make its surface smooth and stable. It is often used at the bottom of large packages such as one shoulder and two shoulders, in order to make the leather stand up, and isolate the contact of the leather surface and reduce unnecessary friction.

Foot nails (new)

Recently, a new type of foot nail, or hoop, is more suitable. It makes an opening in the circular ring modelling, taking advantage of the soft and easily deformed characteristics of copper.With bottom edge, it can also block the direct contact between the leather and other surfaces, protect the bottom of the leather, usually used in Dulles, postman bags, such as the bottom edge of the adult side wall.

3. Closure Category

Compared with lock type, button type is more convenient and simple to open and close. It does not need special techniques or keys, and can separate the structure with a little effort. This is usually made of a semi-fixed open-close structure, which can be slightly made of metal or leather or has magnetic properties of the metal itself. Common are four-fold buckle, suction buckle, mouth gold, monk head, etc.

Quadruple buckle

Spring button is a kind of button, because the four accessories are a group, called four-in-one button. It is very common to turn over one's own bag or clothes, which can be basically found.

Bowl buckle

Another form of four-in-one buckle, similar to spring buckle, is often confused with spring buckle model 201.

Suction buckle

Unlike the four-in-one buckle, the buckle uses magnetism as a fixed force. It is usually divided into a public buckle (thin raised iron sheet) and a master buckle (thick concave magnetic force). It is usually mounted with a master buckle as a fixed surface. The corresponding gaskets should be matched when installing. It has a wide range of applications, ranging from handbags to large Tots, which can be used as opening and structure. Because of its simple installation and relatively hidden, it is widely loved by Pippers.

Doctor Baokou Jin

Doctor's mouth-wrapping gold is usually made of metal, which is installed on the bag and plays the role of opening and closing the mouth. The doctor's oral gold is not invented by doctors, but because it is very convenient to open and close, suitable for use in the doctor's toolkit, and also because it is widely used in the outpatient kit and linked with the doctor, so it is named "doctor's oral gold". Usually, the semi-clad steel bars of one size are grouped together. After passing through the epithelium, the holes at both ends are linked by screw. After overlapping, the friction force of the contact between the leather extrusion is used to complete the closure.

Cosmetic wrapping gold

The installation method of this kind of orifice gold is to clamp the edge of the leather material into its internal groove, and then use pliers to press the hardware itself to clamp the leather. The hole can also be used to sew the seam, further strengthening the solidity of the connection. Two slightly dislocated metal parts exposed on the outside are used to complete the opening and closing action. Because of its beautiful appearance and convenient opening and closing, it is not limited to the size and material of leather goods, so it is mostly used to make mouth gold bags for cosmetics. So it is named, cosmetics wrap mouth gold.

Shrapnel muzzle gold

It consists of two elastic strips of iron. Two iron strips are fixed at each other's ends and installed at the baking mouth. The two pinched ends are convenient to open the package.

shaved head

The structure is the same as that of the screw, but the shape of the end is obviously changed, and the top is changed from a plane to a round head. When used, a circular hole slightly larger than the foot diameter is opened on the leather surface, and a small groove is opened and closed in the opposite direction of the stress point. The semi-fixed leather is made use of the clipping effect, which is suitable for the fixing of the leather surface and the fixing place of the belt strip.

4. Rings

A large class of hardware fittings, suitable for links between parts that do not contact directly between leather.

For example, the belt and the whole, handles and cover, the common types are square rings, circles, D rings, sun rings, arch bridges and so on. Most of the materials are mainly copper, showing golden yellow, but also nickel, showing white and silver.

Square circle

Square closed rings, represented by the internal dimensions of the longest end, are used in unidirectional moving parts, such as links between two straight strips of leather, such as straps, handles, etc.


The circular closed ring is represented by its internal diameter and size. It is used for connection between multi-directional activities, and is often used together with hooks, etc.


D-shaped closed ring, combination product of square ring and circle. Taking the internal linear range size as its data representation, the linear part is usually wrapped in the epithelial part to ensure its range of motion, hook in the curve range, and ensure flexible steering. It is often used on both sides of one shoulder and back to connect the straps.

Daily ring

Japanese-type closed circle, with the longest end of the internal size as its data representation, some of the middle bar of the ring can move. In order to adjust the leather passing through it to facilitate the applicability of the leather, it is often used to adjust the length of the strap.

Arch Bridge

Hardware fittings that resemble square rings but can be fixed are represented by the internal dimensions of straight-line levers, usually used at handheld links of high-end leather goods, such as the legendary Dulles.

5. Buckles

Belt buckle, in short, is the hardware used to connect strips of leather.

Generally there will be adjustable structure, from the bracelet, watch strap, belt hardware can be covered, commonly there are pin buckles, Japanese-character buckles, plate buckles, buckles, S hooks, horseshoe buckles and so on.

Pin buckle

In a square iron ring, there is a needle-shaped metal column which can move unilaterally. It is inserted into the leather by the activity of the needle column, and then the movement range of the needle column is blocked by the iron ring to fix the leather. Usually used on watchbands or belts.

Japanese pin button

Similar to the needle buckle, but later added a part of the structure, in order to prevent the end of the belt after the insertion of disorderly warping, need to add a component to suppress, this is a Japanese button slightly better than the conventional needle buckle.

Plate buckle

As the name implies, the buckle surface is mostly a panel, but on the back it will be matched with a monk's head, which is usually worn with a knife edge when punching holes in the belt.

Hook up

There are many aliases for hooks, such as hooks, dog buttons, lobster buttons and so on, but they all refer to the above one.

The front end is a small hook with spring opening and closing, which is used to cooperate with hardware such as D-ring. The middle part is a transverse moving axis. It is convenient to rotate. The rear end is a circular or square ring structure.