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Brief Introduction of the Making Process of the Signboard


Metal flat plate is mainly a kind of metal plate which uses the way of photosensitive plate to dissolve different colors into the film and make it appear on the metal plate by developing method, so as to achieve the purpose of illustration.


The following are the specific technological processes and formulas of several metal flat-cured labels that are often exposed to (the technological processes of flat-cured labels):

Flat Aluminum Plate: It uses photosensitive plate-making method to put different pigments into the film, so that its characters and patterns can be displayed on the metal plate, thus achieving the metal nameplate with illustrative significance.

1) Blanking: It is required that the size of wool is generally larger than that of plate making (more than 5mm), the surface of the board is smooth and smooth, and there are no pits and concaves.

2) Pretreatment: polishing, drawing, treatment and oxidation.

3) Water closure: After degreasing and demembrance, the treated board is quickly immersed in water and can not be contacted with air.

4) Gluing: collocation of glue. Glue: 200-230 g water: 1000 ml, boiling water for 2 hours to fully dissolve the glue, so that when the temperature drops to 30-50 C, add 25-30 g of photosensitizer (ammonium heavy tyrate) and evenly coat the glue on the metal plate, drying to be used.

5) Printing: SB750 vacuum printing machine can be used for photosensitive printing. The lamp takes 40-80 seconds in 60-90 cm time, develops in warm water for 1 minute and dyes in the color solution.

6) Gloss retention: After fully dyed brands are aired, they are coated with a brush or spray gun (usually with eye brand or no-bake gloss retention paint).

7) Cut into.

Flat-sun signs are generally used for indoor goods, small household appliances and equipment not affected by bad weather. The advantages are simple plate making process, fast speed, timely delivery, low cost and defective rate. The disadvantage is that it is easy to fade due to sunshine and rain. No outdoor signs.