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How much do you know about gift hardware accessories?


Gift hardware accessories are emerging industries in China's manufacturing industry in recent years. Hardware accessories are becoming more and more indispensable. With the progress of China's life and death level, people pay more and more attention to the aesthetic sense of metal products. At the same time, the European and American markets have a tradition of hardware decoration, so the industry is developing more and more vigorously.

Hardware jewelry is a kind of jewelry made of hardware materials, which is presented in every corner of life. Up to the building and down to the key chain, just pay attention to beauty and decoration, that will show the use of hardware jewelry.

Detailed, according to its nature, we can be divided into metal jewelry, plastic jewelry and so on. According to its size, it can be divided into household jewelry, mechanical jewelry, exquisite jewelry and gift jewelry. At present, most of the hardware ornaments we refer to refer to gift ornaments.

Guangdong brand jewelry hardware accessories mainly include small jewelry, mobile phone jewelry, cartoon characters, wearing jewelry, twelve constellations, zodiac, pendant, alphabet, letter, KT cat, Disney, mascot, other jewelry and other categories.

The origin of ornaments, first of all, because of the cover, with the development of life and death level and human inventive power from time to time, began to transform to partial decoration. Many high-quality jewelry stores in the street also pay more and more attention to the market of ornaments. Ornaments can not be separated from home decoration, birthday gifts, friends'gatherings, gifts for men and women. Consumption trend of jewelry industry: jewelry industry is a new industry which is separated from jewelry industry and craft and etiquette industry. As the growth point of the new economy, jewelry has gradually matured in a prosperous country. Specialized stores and sales outlets at all levels are in a row; products of various styles and levels fully meet the growing market demand. In the mainland of China, this industry is still in its infancy. With the rapid development of social economy and culture, people have stepped from the food and clothing type to the well-off type, advocating human nature and fashion, and shaping personality and charm from time to time, which has become the pursuit of people.

Handicraft Hardware Accessories


Modern jewelry is rich and colorful, beautiful. There are many standards for the classification of ornaments, but the main ones are divided according to data, craftsmanship, use, decorative parts and so on. To elaborate:

I. Classification by data

(1) Metals

1. Precious metals:

A. Gold: foot gold (24K), 22K, 18K, 14K, 10K, 9K, 8K;

Silver jewelry inlaid with natural white crystals

B, platinum: PT999, PT990, PT950, PT900, PT850, PT750;

C, Silver: Pure Silver, Striated Silver (925).

2. Common metals:

D, iron (mostly stainless steel);

E, nickel alloy;

F. Common copper and its alloys;

G, Al-Mg alloy, Sn alloy.

(2) Non-metallic:

1. Leather, rope and silk;

2. Plastics and rubber;

3. Non-metal, animal skeleton (ivory, horn, bone, etc.), shellfish;

4. Wood (aloes, rosewood, jujube, galanwood, etc.) and plant nuclei (mountain nucleus, peach nucleus, coconut shell, etc.).

5. Gems and jades and various coloured stones:

A. Top-grade gemstones: such as diamonds, emeralds, ruby, emeralds, cat's eyes, pearls, etc.

B. Middle-grade gemstones: aquamarine, tourmaline, Danquan stone, natural zircon, spinel, etc.

C. Low-grade gemstones: garnet, topaz, crystal, olivine, lapis, turquoise, etc.

6. Glass and ceramics: such as cloisonne, glaze, etc.

2. Classification according to wearing position

(1) Jewelry

1. Headwear. Mainly refers to the decoration used around hair and ears, nose and other parts.

It is divided into:

Bowknot headdress

Bowknot headdress

A, sun caps, sunglasses, cartoon masks, hair accessories, hair accessories including clips, headdresses, combs, hair crowns, hairpins, hair masks, hair bundles, etc.

B. Earrings, earrings, earrings, ear studs, earmuffs, etc.

C. Nose ornaments, mostly nose rings.

2. Bra. Mainly used in neck, chest, back, shoulder decoration.

It is divided into:

A. Neck ornaments, including various necklaces, necklaces, scarves, long sweater chains, etc.

B. Chest ornaments, including brooches, brooches, badges, etc.

C. waist ornaments, such as waist chains, belts, scarves, etc.

D. Shoulder ornaments, mostly shawls and other decorations.

3. Handornaments. Mainly used in finger, trick, arm decoration.

Including bracelets, bracelets, arm rings, rings, finger rings and so on, sometimes we also regard watches as a kind of hand ornaments.

4. Footwear. Mainly used in ankle, thigh, leg decoration.

The common ones are anklets and bracelets. Broadly speaking, they can also include all kinds of decorative stockings, socks and shoes.

5. Hanging. Mainly used in clothing, or carry-on decoration.

For example, buttons, keys, cell phone chains, cell phone hangings, decorations, etc.

(2) Other categories

There are mainly cosmetics (cosmetics, tattoos, wigs, etc.), dolls, wallets, appliances (jewelry boxes, sunglasses, watches, etc.), shoes, household accessories, etc.

III. Classification according to craftsmanship

It can be divided into two categories: mosaic and non-mosaic.

IV. Classification by Use

(1) Prevalent jewelry category

1. The popularity of the masses: the pursuit of commodity jewelry, mostly for large-scale mechanical consumption, mass sales;

2. Personality prevails: the pursuit of artistry, personalization, only a small amount of consumption, mostly hand-made, limited sales, often only one consumption.

(2) Artistic ornaments

1. Collection: exaggerated, not easy to wear, for collection;

2. Arrangements: for display purposes;

3. Wearing: Artistic appearance jewelry that tends to be applicable.