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Introduction to the Concept and Main Classification of Stitches


Stitches: Literally, that is, objects with stitches and buckles. Needle buckles are widely used in apparel accessories, luggage accessories, belts, belts, gifts and other fields.


The shape of the buttons: egg, square, round, D, three-gear, Japanese, etc.

The texture of the button: the texture of the button, that is, the raw material, is divided into metal and plastic.

Metals include: zinc alloy, copper, iron, tin and so on.

Plastics include: resins, etc.

The color of the pin button: The metal pin button is made of electroplating. The plating is hanging plating and barreling plating respectively. The color of hanging plating is brighter than barreling plating. And the plating includes choking and no choking. Among them, because of its environmentally friendly materials, while the price increases, it also provides people with health. There are the same kinds of colors, including white choke, light gold, real gold, dumb gold, black choke, gun color, bronze, pearl color and so on.